How to Style a Bookcase…


I don’t get ¬†all of the posts about “styling a bookcase.” What ever happened to reading books and sticking them in your bookcase? Why do you have to purposely arrange all of your accessories with a few coffee table books? I guess people don’t read actual books these days-Call me old fashioned- well I am old, but I like real books. I love to start a new book, turning the first page into a different world. Escaping into someone else’s story. It’s a tactile experience that cannot be duplicated.

I love this bookcase with it’s floor-to-ceiling books. I want it!

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Interior Inspiration :: Fawn Galli

Just look at that rug and those windows!

Cool blue, lucite, and spiky mid chandelier + a perfect view to the living room. Be still my heart!

Cool blues and organic silver shapes (not brass) look original.

I need some pink velvet. NOW!

Where was I when this room was on the cover of House Beautiful? Duh…

All images can be found on Fawn Galli’s website,

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Monday Motivator :: MAC Strength Ad

spring2013_macstrength001Not just a Monday motivator but a 2013 motivator! Serbian figure competitor Jenna Abbou is awesome! If she doesn’t motivate you to get in shape then nobody can! MAC really got it right with this ad. She is not a celebrity and isn’t weird-looking- and although she is kind of muscle-y, she isn’t all spray-tanned with bleached hair like most body-builders. WOW!

I love it!

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